Tuesday, March 5, 2024

President's Message - March 2024

Hello Fellow GRS Members and Friends,

We are looking forward to having our society members and friends come to our home for the “Rose Pruning Demonstration”. I have cut back 2/3 of all our roses in order to have blooms for spring show dates. Time is critical to have blooms at the appropriate time. There are still plenty of canes for you to cut back and I will instruct you on how I would like them done. Bring your pruners if you like or you can use mine. Please bring your lawn chair for our meeting time.

March in the Garden –

  • First thing is to get all your roses cut back if they are big and healthy enough to do so.
  • Second is to clean up all fallen leaves that could be harboring insects and diseases.
  • Third is to spray the plants and ground with a dormant spray like Lime/Sulfur or Neem Oil.
  • Fourth, apply a new layer of mulch if yours is getting sparse.
  • First Spring feeding – a soluble fertilizer, Peters 20-20-20. Then in about two weeks, apply a granular 10-10-10 with minor elements. Scratch this into the mulch lightly, then water well.

Tip of the Month – This is the very best time of the year for planting new roses. You will see a few new babies in our garden. They will be the small plants, not yet three months planted.

Now is also the time to start a spraying program, especially fungicides; and keep at it for the next nine months.

Please come to our home on Sunday for the demonstration and monthly meeting. Park on the right side of the street along our yard. Our sprinklers are really close to the road in the edge of the grass. Bring you pruners and your lawn chair and raffle items.

I hope to see you soon.

Ralph Stream, Master Rosarian, President 

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