Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Best in Class!

"We were so excited to see this photo at the Rose Convention, Ralph and I attended this past week in San Diego California, as the “Best in Class” Arrangement in the Oriental Manner."

"It was submitted as a photo entry in the photography section of the show. It was taken by Linda Burg, giving credit to our very own Ann Sherwood as the arranger! There it was for all the 300 plus registrants to see what our Deep South District arrangers can do!"

"Ann, we are so proud of you!"

Jean Stream, Newsletter Editor

President's Message - November 2018

Welcome to our new members, Al and Judy Shoaf, John Stegeman, John Meyers, Susan Cooperman, Beatrice Newsome and Karen Hamilton. We have a rose for each of you. Please come to the November meeting to receive your rose if you haven’t received it.

Our next meeting is November 11th and we are excited to have Wayne and Lyndy Myers back to enjoy Wayne’s program. It’s always a delight to have him present “Update on the World of Roses.”

The school program at Westwood Middle School is progressing. We ordered rough green cypress from Cracker Saw Mill for $450.00. This type of wood is cut to order only. Next week we will be getting our crew together. If there is anyone interested in working on this this project please let Bob know.

We will have Deep South District Meeting Registrations as well as events. We all want to be a part of this since it is held in our town. We luck out in not having to pay for hotel rooms. The registration date is December 9th.

Please do not forget the raffle items.

At this time of the year many of us have extra plants to share.

Yours in Roses,

Lee Kline, President

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