Monday, February 5, 2024

President's Message - February 2024

Hello Fellow GRS Members and Friends,

Setting here this dreary Sunday afternoon with rain expected all day, I am pondering on issues GRS needs to be addressing very soon.

As of now no one has come forth to volunteer to serve as president for the next two years. My service as president expires, June first, 2024. The time we have our annual ice cream social and install officers. As I see this issue of not having a president selected, we may have to make a change in our by-laws, that puts no president term expiration on the office. In other words, by changing our by-laws, an officer could serve in a position as long as they wish. It is sad we must consider this type of action in which a few do the majority of leading and decision making.

The second issue is our dwindling treasury. GRS has not increased membership dues since Jean and I became members back in 1996. With costs of everything being at an all time high, we need to seriously consider raising membership dues to keep a float. The ARS has just increased our Society Insurance rate per member to $5.20 a year. This is over 1/3 the amount of the membership dues we collect. Another cost from ARS is our Affiliated dues of $70 per year. This is the rate no matter how many members the club has. “Chapter Clubs” are able to pay $35 per year but the stipulation is that one member of each family or household must be a full ARS member. We all know that several of our members are not members of the ARS. Therefore, we would not qualify for this lower rate. I would suggest we consider raising our dues, perhaps by $10. Let us talk about it.

As to what we need to be doing this month, for us it is getting all our roses pruned (or cut back by March 1 st.) This finish-up date has enabled us to have flowers at show times in April and early May. Even the fast growers will hold off growing until spring conditions are right. I have experienced spring growth from pruning to blooms run 35-40 days. A few varieties will take either shorter or longer. Keeping records helps you to know what to expect from each variety. Summer is altogether different since the hot weather will cause bloom cycling much faster. Don’t forget to feed when new growth is approximately 3-4 inches. Be sure they are well hydrated and spray as needed.

I hope to see you at the February meeting.

Ralph Stream, Master Rosarian, President 

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