Tuesday, November 7, 2023

President's Message - November 2023

Hello Fellow GRS Members and Friends,

I do not know about you, but for me this fall’s cooling has given a huge relief from the past summer record heat and lack of rainfall. We still are not getting much rain at this point, so we need to stay vigilant in making sure our roses and other yard plants are getting enough water to keep them healthy and looking good. This time of the year is best for getting all our “put off” yard work done. Planting new or replacement roses fits right into my plans. These last few weeks I have replaced 12 roses and repotted several others. Don’t let this opportunity of nice weather get by without some positive results to improve our gardens.

Our DSD Fall Convention and Rose Show was one of the best I have seen at a District level for many years. Thanks to everyone who helped and who participated. It took a lot of helping hands. I hope each of you enjoyed the weekend. The show was a great time to see the types of roses that can be grown here in our own home town. Next fall we will have the same opportunity to see beautiful roses again, so I would encourage you to try to participate in the convention next year. Remember, Gainesville will join with the Marion County Rose Society and host the 2024 Fall Convention and Show. Never before has there been back to back conventions held at the same location. This will be our opportunity to plan and carry out the whole convention and hopefully we will end up with some profit for the two rose clubs.

Don’t think the cooler weather means our roses will take care of themselves. They will still require watering, just not as much as in the summer. Plus, they can contract fungal diseases, so routine spraying will keep the foliage in good shape and the plant will continue to be fed and remain healthy for next season’s blooms.

We all will enjoy our November get together which is being held at Kathi Warren’s new home and garden in Melrose. Please bring your lawn chair to use on her patio. I’m looking forward to seeing you and Kathi’s garden. Please come.

Best to you all,

Ralph Stream, Master Rosarian, President 

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