Tuesday, November 1, 2022

President's Message - November 2022

Hello Fellow GRS Members and Friends,

This coming weekend we will be having our first GRS Fall Rose Show. Our roses are just now starting to have their first fall blooms, and show better size than what our summer blooms. I am hoping that you all will have some fall blooms to bring and help make this show one to be remembered. Even if you don’t have many blooms, please bring what you have. We will help you get them into the show. Who knows, you may be the big winner. Don’t forget the photography and arrangements classes too.

All GRS members are encouraged to help and support this show any way you can. Your monetary donations will go along way in bringing down the show costs and insure we can continue to have future shows.

Tip of the Month – Keep your roses well-watered. As we get deeper into winter, there will be less and less rain. Drying out over the winter is the number one reason growers lose roses this time of the year. Three to five gallons of water spread out over a week will do the job of keeping them well hydrated. Let’s keep our roses happy!

Please come Friday afternoon around 4pm to help set up. We will be bringing the supplies out of the storage a little earlier, so the church will be open. We can set the show up pretty quickly if we have enough help.

Our lunches for Saturday have been ordered, so please be sure to pay Dan your $12 on Saturday if you ordered one. Let’s make our show beautiful! Bring what you have and let’s have fun.

Fondest regards,

Ralph Stream, President

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