Tuesday, August 17, 2021

President's Message - August 2021

Dear Gainesville Rose Society Friends, The GRS Board is delighted that our society will again be meeting at the First Christian-Disciples of Christ Church for most of our 2021-2022 meetings. We will be meeting, with safety in mind, on Sunday, September 19, at 2 p.m. Ann Sherwood will be presenting her program, originally scheduled for April 2020, “Name of a Rose.”

Ann says,”A rose may be more than just the sum of its parts: various colors, unique petal arrangement, an engaging fragrance or lack of and its natural beauty. Many roses possess very interesting beginnings but few have a history that has reached world-wide recognition for honoring "Women Helping Women". One such rose is the Soroptimist International!

“The Sherwood family's long time dear friend, Ruth Pearson, was awarded the "Soroptimist International Trophy" for her work with native women in the mountains of the Philippines years before I ever met the "Rose"! At our next meeting, I would like to share a brief history of this "name changing rose" and some of Ruth's life and accomplishments with you.”

"Rose"! At our next meeting, I would like to share a brief history of this "name changing rose" and some of Ruth's life and accomplishments with you.” In addition, we will be catching up with what’s been happening in the past year and a half, hearing from Ralph and Jean Stream about the Deep South District Convention we are hosting in October, and discussing our 2021-2022 rose year. If any of your directory information has changed, please send corrections as soon as possible to Dan Mills at tuckermills@netscape.com and to betty.giesel@gmail.com.

While we’ve all been “hunkering down,” the rose world has moved ahead, under the leadership of The American Rose Society and The Deep South District, and I encourage you to become a member of ARS, if you aren’t already.

  • Trial ARS memberships and online memberships are available.
  • Informative on-line seminars have covered a variety of topics and may continue.
  • Roses in Review is now in progress. See the July-August issue of The American Rose or ars.org. Even if you grow only a few of the roses being evaluated, your input is valuable, either on paper or on-line.
  • The American Rose magazine is published bi-monthly and contains a wealth of information on a wide variety of rose related topics.
  • The District newsletter should appear in your e-mail inbox. It is also available at deepsouthdistrict.org.

Jean Giesel, President

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