Tuesday, March 6, 2018

President's Message - March 2018

As we soon celebrate St. Patrick’s Day it brings to mind the ever presence of greenery; the “Green Rose” Rosa, China ‘Viridiflora’, prior to 1845. It grows 3X4’ high and is highly rated in the ARS Handbook for Selecting Roses. Many rosarians argue the question of the beauty of this flower but all agree that the green rose is different and this, in and of itself, makes it beautiful in the eye of the beholder. I notice that rose arrangers find this rose to be long lasting and add an interesting colorful touch to their arrangements. This rose has a spicy scent and becomes a bronzy color in the fall. The green rose is found in many old gardens in the South and is easily grown here. Many florists in this area include this rose as a filler in their arrangements.

Kanapaha Garden Festival is on March 24th and 25th from 9-5. If you would like to help please check your calendar so you can sign up at our meeting for a two hour time slot. This will help Dan with the change he needs so he can reimburse you for your admission fee. We will have our table with our information to hand out for our society. This is a fun day to meet many new people in the community who have relocated to Gainesville as well as many who have been to the event before.

Our program will be presented by Phil Paul “It’s Fun to Grow Roses In the South” who has grown roses for years. Dan and Ann Sherwood and Helen Hardee are scheduled to bring refreshments. Please bring your raffle item. Look forward to seeing you on the 11th.

Yours in Roses,

Lee Kline, President

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