Monday, February 5, 2018

President's Message - February 2018

February is the time to sharpen our pruning clippers and continue preparing our roses for another year of having magnificent roses.

One tip I have to share is keep the new growth about a foot from the soil. I would also suggest that you keep the center free from growth so the air flow can keep the canes from getting attacked by scale and other diseases.

Clean tools are a necessity to maintain healthy plants. I have always cleaned my tools with Clorox wipes. At the CR meeting on Sunday we heard from the Reeds that they use a Lysol concentrated disinfectant because not only is it a good disinfectant, it does not harm the finish on their clippers. Dan Mills informs me that he uses rubbing alcohol in a large mouth jar with a screw top so when he prunes the clippers are ready for use. Just some usable ideas.

I also fertilize after I clean up the area in and around my roses with purely organic fertilizers. Then I cover the ground with pine nuggets. I do not use Round-up for obvious reasons even though I may be tempted to keep the weeds at bay.

I received notice today that the roses that I had ordered, to replace the ones that I lost as a result of Hurricane Irma, have shipped and I am looking forward to planting them.

Dan Mills will be presenting his new program, “The Rose Flower: Its Petals and Forms.“ It will be an exciting and informative program and we are looking forward to it.

Phil Leilich, Bob and I will be providing the refreshments for our meeting.

Please do not forget to bring a raffle item. You never know what goodies will be raffled off.

Look forward to seeing you on the 11th.

Yours in Roses,

Lee Kline, President

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