Friday, September 29, 2017

President's Message - October 2017

Hurricane Irma came and went, I do hope you did not have too much damage. I had a wonderful garden before the storm. The wind was very bad here during the night. We lost power for about an hour. I had one rose that I was counting on for a design arrangement. Well today the new growth was broken and I don’t think I will have any blooms to show.

Our program for October will be Willie Mae Burley presenting “Capturing the Beauty of the Rose”. This photography program will be our first program on this subject. Cyd Wade has donated the book “The Garden Photography Workshop” by Andrea Jones for the raffle. We thank her for this raffle item in keeping with our program.

On October 14, we were to have a yard sale but at this time we need to cancel it. I spoke to Lee Wiegand, she is not well and cannot host the yard sale. Is there anyone who would be willing to host the yard sale?

The free Kanapaha Fall Plant Sale is scheduled for October 21 and 22 from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. In June we did vote to work in concert with Cyd and Art in this program. We have our information booth and we help people select plants. Please sign up for one or two hours to assist us at this fall sale.

Art Wade is going to be a speaker at the Tallahassee Rose Convention & Rose Show on October 27-29. He will be speaking on “Old roses that have stood the Test of Time “. Let’s support Art by attending this event. The signup sheet as well as the information for the event will be on the table at our meeting.

The registration form is on page 2 of this newsletter. Ralph and Jean Stream and Ken Osborne will be providing the refreshments for this month’s meeting.

Yours in the Rose Garden

- President, Lee Kline

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