Tuesday, December 13, 2016

President's Message - December 2016

Hello Everyone,

It's December and it is still nice. Guess that’s why we live in Florida! We are really enjoying our roses this fall. They have been so beautiful and bright in color. Finally got rid of the damaged leaves (think it was Chili thrips). Ralph has pretty well finished moving some of his new varieties into the garden and taken out a few to make room. His new babies just never know where they are going to end up. By this time he has a pretty good handle on their growth habits. His Sunny Sundays looks to be the most promising new one I have enjoyed although some of the new Minifloras are outstanding as well.

I hope some of you got to attend the Melrose Historical Homes tour on Sunday. Sorry to say I ended up with a cold and stayed home. No fun or time to be sick.

Party time is just in a few days and I’m so excited about all of us getting together for just plain fun. Cyd has lined up a piano player and maybe we might even have a short sing-a-long. Marla Atkins is her name and she plays at Dudley. Should be areal treat, so warm up your voices.

Don’t forget to bring you gift for the Chinese Auction. (About $15.00 or less in value.) I’m going to be your Santa this year and want you to start practicing. There will be plenty of “OOHS” and “AAHS” and maybe a few “AAws”. If you have a funky Santa hat, bring or wear it and if you need a reminder about your food item, let me know. We will start at 3:00 pm and should be able to get in at 2:15 or so to get ready. Please come even if you have not yet signed up. You know the “more the Merrier” as they say.

The Mid-Winter Meeting will be held in Birmingham, AL January 20-22nd. We will put together a raffle gift basket so if you have any more items you would like to donate for it, please bring them to the party. We will need a delegate to represent GRS so let me know if you plan to attend and would be willing to be ours.

We are now all set with our new storage arrangements. Bob Kline and Dan Mills did the swap, closing out the old shed, transferring all the items to the new location. This will be a tremendous help when show time rolls around. Great job Bob and Dan! Thank you so much.

Please be sure to read the nice article by Toni Kimball. We have known Toni and Richard for many years through the Marion County Rose Society. Some of you probably know them as well. A talented lady for sure.

Ann has picked our theme for the rose show and got us started with that. I’ll share it with you at the party. Thank you, Ann, Dan, Bob and each of you who jump in and take care of things as needed. That’s what makes a great team. I’m so thankful for our GRS Team. We may be small in number but we are mighty in “how to” and “get er’ done”. A blessing for sure. See you on the 18th at 3:00 pm.

- Jean Stream, President

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