Sunday, October 30, 2016

President's Message - November 2016

Festival time in Florida is such an exciting way to enjoy outside activities especially as the weather turns cooler, crisp with lower humidity.

Cool it was both Saturday and Sunday morning at Kanapaha for the Fall Plant and Orchid show. Beautiful days they were. Thanks to those who came by and especially those who helped Cyd & Art in the Rose Petals Nursery booth along with the GRS literature table. We met many people interested in growing roses and learning how to care for them. Hopefully a few will join us at some of our meetings.

Ralph and I along with Willie Mae Burley and her granddaughter, Nakita Daniels, made it to Atlanta for the Convention and Rose Show. As anticipated, the Atlanta folks did a great job with the planning so everyone had a nice time. A few people, including Dan Mills, did not make it because of the impending storm, Matthew. Ralph and I took a few flowers and we were happy to win a little (Ralph won the McFarland award and I won 3 arrangement classes). We were pleasantly surprised to see the flowers we had cut on Tuesday and Wednesday looking pretty good on Saturday. Ralph’s travelling box enables us to keep them cool with ice packs. The Atlanta people appreciated our GRS gift basket for their raffle. They thanked me for the GRS contribution and raffle items we took. As usual they had lots of beautiful raffle things. I did have a couple of our items left over to use in our basket for the Mid-Winter meeting coming up in January in Birmingham. I understand the Botanical Garden there has been re-done and is really nice. I do hope some of you will plan to attend this meeting in January 2017.

I’m still hopeful that we will have a GRS yard sale in November even though Lee Wiegand has recently started medical treatments. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers and please hang on to your yard sale items. I’ll keep you posted on this.

You know how in life there are things we sometimes would like to try but feel overwhelmed by the thought? Well, making Potpourri is on my list and you can imagine how excited I am that Dan is going to give us a program on this very topic. Check the list on page 5 and you will see Lee has planned some fun programs in the months ahead.

I did take a few pictures at the Fall convention and at Kanapaha. How about my new “Dolly Dudley”:

I do hope your roses are blooming sweetly for you. If they are having problems, bring your questions to the meeting so we can all learn what’s going on in our area. Ours seem to have struggled more this year than any other year. Maybe Chili Thrips, maybe just heat stress.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all on the 13th.

Enjoy your garden!

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